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Denham Grove’s Wedding Planner – About Me

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I’m Sophie – Olivia!

Along with all your friends & family on facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (and everyone else you’ve shared your sparkly engagement ring photo with), I am equally as excited about your big day! Weddings are my passion and it’s my job to ensure you truly have the best day of your lives… so here’s a little bit about me!

I took an interesting route to becoming a wedding planner… I started in Hotels when I was just 16 and formerly worked for big hotel chains. I started out in food and beverage, in operations and I remember the story of how I got into weddings! I used to see the sales girls at the hotel conduct show rounds regularly, talk everything weddings, engagements, honeymoons and knew from this moment onwards I wanted to be in their shoes! So, I pestered my general manager at the time who let me do 8 weeks unpaid work experience in the office to get my foot through the door and work my way up, she still says to this day “when a young girl rocks up to your office and says she’ll work for free to get wedding experience…. I’d call that sheer determination and tenacity Sophie. I still talk about you doing that.”

Ever since, over the years of being a wedding planner I’ve organised over 350 weddings and absolutely love it. My job is to plan your perfect wedding package, menus, drinks, decoration assistance, mainly on the day of the event and in the run up. It’s my job to make sure you have the most wonderful day.

I have lots of favourite wedding stories, and, I am lucky to have made some friends through the planning process also. Brides who have text me at 3 o’clock in the morning and brides who have sent me photos on their honeymoon! My absolute favourite love story must be my charming couple a while back, who were an older couple who both had previous marriages. They visited me to book their wedding, and over a cappuccino we discussed their proposal and engagement. My lovely Groom, informed me that they’d always lived on the same street in Hertfordshire (with their former husband and wives), they’d seen each other get married as friends, go on double dates, had holidays together, had children who grew up to be neighbours and the best of friends, and were a group of 4 very good friends. Years went by, and Joan’s marriage unfortunately broke down, and sadly, herself & her husband separated. David and his wife at the time, continued to invite Joan round, for dinner parties, holidays, just as they’d always done to ensure she wasn’t lonely, still had a great friendship & great company. It was years later that unfortunately, David’s wife passed away and to conclude, it left both Joan & David singletons in their still, neighborhood households. By this point, their now, grown-up children had moved out of home, and they decided that they’d continue to have dinner together, watch telly together on a Sunday evening, help with each other’s gardens in the summer, and continue to holiday together, which they very much enjoyed doing. You guessed it… a further few years went by, and Joan and David finally decided to become a couple… and their children who had grown up to be the best of friends, were now going to be step-siblings! I really do, love a love story and this one really touched my heart!

So that’s how I became a wedding planner but obviously there is a little bit more to me…

I’m most happy when at my 2nd home Marbella and whilst I’m not married myself, I now have a wealth of experience if & when it does become my turn to marry my amazing boyfriend Bertie of 8 years, who I met when I first started planning weddings! I love a glass of sauvignon blanc, going to wedding fayres, spending time with my great grandad Salvador, 104 years of age, and I also have a mad passion for marketing. I am very much a people’s person, and I really hope we can meet, to plan and create your big day here at Denham Grove Hotel, where you say, ‘I do…’


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